Day 177, Whatchulookinat

Day 177.jpg

~ Whatchalookinat ~

Eyes upon my flesh

Peering into and through me




Whatchalookinat (A phrase used towards nosey people and describing the feeling of eyes upon you in some way shape or form.)  I think lol, it can also be used in a positive or negative connotation depending upon your inflection and tonality.

Lol today I feel silly and needed some moments of lightness, so time for a little comical sketch. Pharasing on my mind today is whatchalookinat , or whatchulookinat  I think it can be said and spelled either way. I did while thinking of this doodle and what to say about it today learn that the singer Whitney Houston had a song called Whatchulookinat.  I’m no expert however and it just inspired me to think of this from the context of animals when we notice them at times in awkward angels and they happen to notice us.  I remembered a huge pig we saw at an outdoor functional farm museum in the Netherlands and I don’t care for the aesthetics of these animals, but they were cute in their own way from afar. That is until the one facing arse first at the crowd let out a steaming stream of liquid poo. So yeah, your mind tends to go to what was that piggy thinking? Just laugh it off, sometimes.

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