Day 175, Overdose of Joy


~ Overdose of Joy ~

Skewed and scattered lives

Luxuries overwhelming

Humanities bane



Today I flipped again lol, I love I can recognize it more often now and deal appropriately with my mood swings and imbalances. One of my many tactics to combat when I start falling down a hole is when available to go outside for a nice walk. Not all the time of my own accord if I’m completely honest. At times it does take a little nudge from my partner who can notice the signs to, and he helps by suggesting I take a walk. He can see when I spiral and the tornado within my mind is at full force or a gentle calm within the storm. I’m thankful for that, I know how to say that and show and share that realization now knowing its not a weakness but a strength. Back to the point I took a walk, and my face contorted oddly into a smile that somehow felt cemented onto my face. Muscles that sit dormant were jolted to life by the frolicking cute little bundles of wool bouncing around everywhere. BABY SHEEP!

Lol these little cuties just do it for me, and I don’t even find the faces that cute, but they represent life, unbridled joy, pure curiosity and big-eyed wonder of the world.  Idk I don’t want to ramble too much today, simply said they bring so much joy, nature across all species was aware that offspring needs to be big eyed and comically cute. So today my mind is feeling overwhelmed but with a euphoria brought on by fresh air, energized body in mobility and cute little bundles of happiness (I know I’m personifying a little lol) They look happy to me though. So, today’s creative exploit is my crazy disjointed character who was going many places and none at all, darn the face doesn’t even read as happy possibly even unbothered, but I however am smiling in a deeper part of my being because well, Life!

Maybe on a subconscious level my creative sketch for today represents someone who has everything they associate with joy and yet they still seem unfulfilled and have overdosed on joy so much that they have hit the other end of the spectrum. Possibly reaching but just another random thought.

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