Day 174, ~ Event Horizon ~

Day 174.jpg

~ Event Horizon ~

Divided abyss

Cataclysmically dark

Searching for a sign



Long weekend, all the ingredients were in place to fall into that space that place where things seem so clear yet so devoid of light. The light we’re taught exist and should seek out. I’ve always known that was a lie and that there is something to be discovered, and at times more profound for who and what we are. This is found in that which we would call dark. Becoming vulnerable and finding yourself in a situation where you are not aware of all the controlling factors. We blossom, we curl into a defensive ball ready to strike out, we stand and venture deeper into the void. We tackle this in a multitude of ways, as long as we embrace it to some extent in some fashion we will grow. Idk maybe I’m just insane and rationally or what I think or know to be rational, making sense of things that at times can feel overwhelming and disjointed. At times like these maybe I envy those that have a resounding faith in a being or entity that helps them along the way. They can let go and let god as the saying goes. I cannot I must face everything all the time I must find illumination where it at times does not exist. I must do this with no guiding factors of faith. I embrace this I live this daily this, existential crisis. I also understand all to well the dance of highs and lows the hard part is always adjusting to accept them, and grow from them, or sometimes possibly and poetically stagnate in them.  Today’s manifestations of a haiku “Event Horizons” and a photo attempt to sum this up in a digestive form.

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