Day 172, The Drive

Day 172.jpg

~ The Drive ~

Twist and turning roads

Mind lost in passing forest

Entangled within


A very long day today in the car with my partner and his little brother. We made a long drive to a location where he had a Photography assignment. I started the day ok feeling good a mini road trip and getting to see some wonderful sites. But OMG I’m not much of a passenger in long road trips, even with podcast some fun music or conversation, I’m always irritated or anxious and unable to feel comfortable just sitting there restricted in movements. My mind sometimes can feel inspired today however I just feel like mush. Overly tired and worn out maybe from the trip, however we did have some small respite stops along the way and one for me could have ended the trip. As soon as I heard the rapids flowing my body melted my lungs filled with some fresh air and my mind relaxed into a state of calm. This was one day, just one day. Now If I could just build a home near the beauty of this water and its calming effect.

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