Day 171, Enigma’s Kiss

Day 171.jpg

~ Enigma ~

We’ve danced and embraced

Kisses like the morning dew mist, evaporating

Passions ignited, yet frozen traumatically

Phoenix of a different nature rises aflame in blues

Dancing marionette of emotions

Fleshed out from times tree of life

Carved with rusty tortured blades

Forged in the fires of humanity

Cutting deeper into the depths of you.


There is always a dance and always a fall. It’s not so easy to accept and will take daily attempts at doing so in vain. There is no point trying to reach the distances that lay ahead or behind you. The experiences are every step in between every perspective you approach this thing called life from. Hope is your tether, your faith, your failure, and possibly your anchor. With it we can blind ourselves or we can try to use it to fuel ourselves to take the next step blindly moving towards a destination. Distractions will line the way no matter which way you turn, this is the terrain on which we traverse. This is the darkness where we rest and the light that guides our creative ways. This is unrequited love!

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