Day 170, Gone Girl

Day 170.jpg

~ Gone Girl ~

Translucent at times

Air and water flowing free

Slipping through fingers.


Just starting a sketch for maybe a self-portrait I’m not quite sure. Just might end up vanishing into the darkest corners of my workroom. Currently I’m just fighting the urge to crawl back into bed on day that’s amazingly beautiful. The sun is shining, there’s a nice breeze and I would love to enjoy it. I was crippled however once I set up my paints outside and my easel, I thought this will be nice. Then my cats that are outside now came to say hello, also cozy. But as I greeted Darth my body froze and I didn’t breathe, my arch nemesis the TICK was crawling on her fur tying to get down to her skin. I quickly grabbed a stick flicked it off her. But I mean what’s the point they have their oil and their pill repellants, and when my partners home we can pluck out others. My partner plucking while I adorned in surgical gloves holding the cat firmly. At any rate those little pesky little blood suckers are everywhere outside. So, a losing battle to say the least. Anyhow I mention that only to say I packed up my arts and just came back indoors with discomforting creepy crawly feelings all over.  So yeah, I was Gone!

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