Day 166, Metamorphosis

Day 166.jpg

~ Metamorphosis ~

Shifted symmetry

Foreign forms emerge dancing

Elevated views


Today just in a weird and joyous kind of mood where I want and need to be outside. Jumping and frolicking in nature, with respect to what’s under foot that is.  It’s funny trying to be aware all the time, and it can be rather paralyzing if your immensely empathetic to all around you. We would cease to move. So much of our just existing is destructive to the planet and its other inhabitants. But I will avoid that rabbit hole for now. I will encourage whomever you are wherever you are if you can take a moment to just breath, and create your own calm, for even a moment then smile and I smile with you. From another corner of the world and at that moment at that time we share a joy we share a breath.  This image was a quick study where I want to embrace the many facets of who we are and what we become.

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