Day 164, Time to Shine

Day 164-2.jpg

~ Time to Shine ~

Exposed born anew

New life sprouts where death has slept

Times hefty fee paid



Just some candid shots today, when I woke the sun was shining and my partner being the morning person opposite my night. Was up and already in full swing with cleaning, So I jumped out of bed put on a big pot of coffee made us a snack and then joined in the festivities of the day.  Ok that sounds happy as hell, but My partner could tell you nope she’s a beast when vacuuming lol, I tend to look like I’m beating the carpets and floors into submission.  I’m so not a domestic person, but I still try. My tactic is bleach it to death to disinfect it or scrub it off with shear power or sand paper and start fresh. I do enjoy cleaning, when it gets to the point where ok it must be done.  So today’s energy is all day cleaning and taking a brief moment to appreciate the new Tulipaner that have begun to show, along with one of our cat’s Darth, inspecting the new growth.

I even must confess Lately I have my paranoia to contend with as this is the time of year it really starts up again.  Uncontrolled fear of parasites and ticks and all the creepy crawlies that our cute little fur balls seem to find. I love these two to death, but I hate that we give them the pills, the oils, brush and clean them and care for them visits to the vet, and I still can’t control what goes on inside their bodies.  Last night one of the cats was gone for almost two days which is unusual already. But as I welcomed her into the house to check for wounds or where she had been, I noticed her bum and little white monsters falling out. I panicked and freaked so I welcomed her back outside. Their next round of dosing commenced, and I’m freaked out even wearing my surgical gloves while treating them. But this is life for those of us that allow our little kittens to run in and outside the house. Animals love the outdoors, as much as I hate what’s outside how you cannot deny them the endless running, climbing of trees, wonders they can find.  During the night they curl up to the fireplace and safety of home. So now they will be outdoor, with an outdoor home space, until the next deep freeze of winter. When my paranoia drains away into a long winter’s hibernation. And all the worst critters are blanketed and frozen under layers upon layers of ice and snow, my HAPPY time.

Day 164
The beating of the floor carpets commences !


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