Day 163, Hot Tea

Day 163-2.jpg

~ Hot Tea ~

Never fulfilling

Scalding hot, tepid in taste

Blowing and sipping.



Was watching some show and heard the phrase “The Tea is Hot”, It inspired my digital piece today. I’ve linked to just one website where there are many cute memes, elaborating on the turn of words (Hot Tea) . There are so many unique and quirky little ways to use this word or phrasing, however it struck me in the way I heard it as referring to gossip and the spreading of said gossip.

The haiku I wrote today speaks to a negative kind of gossip. The kind shared with the intention of spreading something salacious possibly detrimental to other parties. It usually spreads like wildfire, scorching everything in its wake.  It is important to note though that not all gossip is negative. There are many who have researched and found at times it can be positive and rather inspiring in helping others. Opening communication, cooperation, self-improvement and relieving stress amongst other benefits.

Day 163.jpg

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