Day 156, Last Love


~Last Love~

Dark sticky and sweet

Your kisses and aroma penetrate me

Loving you is hard and bitter

You never make it easy, always a difficult task

Lost within the minds of love

Logic, foreign and distant to us

What was sweet is challenging

What was easy and fun

Is no more, a game

Fighting sanity together

Corrupting our cores

Love distorts







Restless night but I love the little days projects that were born because of restless minds, limbs, and emotions. I fell into a midday zombie slumber, my body weary I know from no sleep, I shut down involuntarily. Sadistically I wake and smile, a clown greets my mind’s eye, his smile challenging me to read it for what it truly is.  His gaze peering beyond the energy that is me devouring every morsel of his love.

Day 156-2

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