Day 146, Shadow Dancer

Day 146.jpg

~Shadow Dancer~

I danced among the clouds today

My minds visibility low and distracted

I danced,

I flew,

I became,

All and nothing of what I needed to be

I screamed and cried, joy and despair

I danced

I flew

I became

Another creature stretching its tentacles outward

Grasping with precision while flailing wildly

I danced

I flew

I became

Symbolically void of all that would define me

Form and shape foreign and morphing

I danced

I flew

I dispersed

I let go



Day 146-4

Day 146-2.jpg

Today I sat at my desk falling into misery thinking I’ve forgotten everything, all my techniques and knowledge. I forgot form and function and just felt hopelessly uninspired unable to create. As I looked at my desk having masked off some new canvases, I saw nothing. I picked up my digital tools and nothing manifested just more and more crap nothing was working nothing was there.  The wind however was blowing outside, the sun shining and the movement of outdoors calling to me, so I fell, and I danced among the breezes and just for a moment felt free from everything that binds. At the end I smiled, whether from silliness or joy I smiled, because the wind outside had managed to move me, through the walls of this house locked in my room. It pushed me outside it pushed me past what I could see, not see, or feel, so I danced upon the wind like a fallen leaf, lead into the unknown.


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