Day 140, Palpable pain

Day 140.jpg

~Palpable pain~

Biased and blatant disregard for justice ~

They hide behind robes, badges, smiles, and fears ~

All have taken similar oaths to protect and serve the people ~

Judging by the same laws, they pervert and twist with prejudice ~

Becoming the creature, the animal, they only see in the other ~

Failing to find within themselves and their own actions, the beast ~

Welding words and guns with righteous and misguided indignation ~

Bodies fall locked away or left to decay as they are not seen and seldom heard ~

Over the voices raging in their heads, I am fair, I had to, I, I, I ~

Me, ME, Me I see potential, I see other I see the villain ~

Nourished upon the twisted data skewed to fit the narrative ~

They are all bad, angry, violent, druggies, whores, useless leeches, throwaways ~

Shoot to kill, never to wound because the truths might not fit the framing ~

Lock it away, not seen not heard, forgotten, stop to smell the beautiful flowers ~

Protect and serve my ideals and what I hold dear, my life, my family, my reflection, my fears ~

Paths are all lined with bodies, wait bodies you say, no savages the lot of them, to rot and decay ~

Foundation for the land we stand righteously upon, for our destiny is so, theirs is to help it grow ~

Fertile fodder for the fields we must find someone else to sew ~

Step kindly, around and over and when needs be through the bodies below ~

Soon forgotten, a footnote for the path we choose in our actions ~

Look for the bright white light at the end of the road ~

It will blind us to their suffering, the unpleasant sides of society ~

Puzzle pieces that don’t properly fit the narrative, in the way we decide it should be ~

Pieces of different shades, shapes & shackles, revealed and removed ~

Don’t stare to long into those eyes, we might see something we love and not despise ~

Anger, our cloak of invisibility to shield us from ourselves, our splintered pain ~

What I see in you I hate, yet love, I will exploit and covet, corrupt and call my own ~

Bodies lining the paths ahead those that aren’t you, those that should be dead ~

Console yourselves with your hollowed concern, for all you have wrongfully burned ~

I’d like to know that your judgment would be just, or maybe applied equally to all~

Alas, justice is blind and without care to give, on whether the other dies or even worse, lives ~

Words transformed and fashioned into blades, cutting deeper without a drop of blood to shed ~

They are not humans, they are something to fear and dread, our books tell us so by this we are led ~

Words perverted, fabricated, manipulated, documented, upon which so many are still fed ~

One day, they will wake, til then how much palpable pain can we all afford to endure?





I do love joy the days where you can just feel elated for life, it always encourages my heart seeing that I am capable of this reflected from and through others. Even when the weight of the world can weigh you down pulverizing you infinitely into dust. Some days you are painfully reminded how fucked up our world is at times. At those moments the pain that has dried and been chipped away into obscurity suddenly becomes sticky and wet trapping you once again. The bindings of sorrow clinging fast to the depth of your being from which you feel and find no escape.

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