Day 137, Existence

Day 137-4.jpg


Always changing face

Emotional landscaping

Adapt and flourish


Today wasn’t really in the mood for much as I woke and saw the cats indoors and acting funny. Its kind of wonderful if you pay attention animals always alert you something is wrong. Something is askew, I noticed this immediately when the girl’s fur was expressive in a different kind of pattern. Their ears twitching back and forth and bodies darting in a stealthy pattern towards the windows and walls listening. I went to the window and saw this little guy outside feasting.

Day 137-3

Day 137.jpg

He was enjoying a meal, our happy healthy chickens that have lived with us for some time now running around and enjoying life. No worries of foxes and hawks etc. We don’t have dogs but I’m assuming something held them at bay so long. Today however nature took its toll and claimed one and the other I cannot find. I know they aren’t cuddly, but they grow on you and their cute.

I marched around the property armed with an umbrella not knowing if the predator birds would swoop down upon me to protect their kill. After 3 hours I found nothing, I hope their end was swift and not painful. I did my best to dig a hole in the hard winter ground and bury the one I found, screaming the whole time in discomfort as I picked up her lifeless body with the shovel.

Day 137-5.jpg

I hate this and I know why I screamed, its because anytime you encounter something you can still feel the energy or the draining energy that is left, your touching something that was once animated and now is not. I made some photos but did not want to post the most gruesome one maybe out of respect for Phoebe that was the chickens name we had a phoebe, Rachel and Monica. Of course, after a little show called Friends. We weren’t very original but we also never thought we’d be taking care of chickens. The only solace I have is that they had a happy life and lived longer than expected and I hope that’s from the home we gave them.

I made an abstract image (main image) of how it immediately felt to realize she was gone. Dark and a little violent with life’s energies now spread out and consumed by the rest of nature.

Day 137-2.jpg

Mini update finally found the missing chicky, I think she must have run and was hiding, but finally got her to come home. So a brief but good update.

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