Day 133, Hodgepodge

Day 133


Mixed and matched beings

Multitude of interests

Never one sided


Whoohooo Friday time fly’s when you’re having fun, today I was thinking of my hair, and an old video game Mortal Kombat, that I used to play and my favorite character being Kitana, and Meleena but I did not include any sai’s. Side note I used to own a pair yeah, my geek card is strong lol. To be completely honest it’s also because now and in my childhood, I’ve always loved foreign films and Samurai films of all sorts were on my viewing list. One even inspired me to study and take up Bo staff training, I still have to practice some more its great training. And it’s not like you’ll always have a Bo staff with you but any 6ft long pole or staff will function within flexibility and reason.

In the night black widow spiders permeated my dreams as well, let’s just say my mind was all over the place so todays piece is as well.  Anyhow I think my mind is in this space today because we are all so complex with so many wild and varied interest and it’s something wonderful and to be enjoyed and appreciated, not to mention it helps conversations not to stagnate. Like the title I chose for my haiku Hodgepodge (a jumble of collections of things mixture). Like my mind my languages, ancestry, hobbies, and many other random things. Idk weekend brain is officially in effect now.


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