Day 129, Straight Forward

Day 129.jpg

~Straight forward~

Honest direction

Blunt easily understood

New intersections.



In a pop mood maybe today when I woke and started sketching. Needed bright colors and something funky.

While drinking coffee and watching some world news and just catching up on things that take place outside of the bubble. There’s always something about people, humans and our ways to bond, to love and hunger for human connections on a multitude of levels. It’s an insatiable yearning most can understand. Idk I don’t have so much to say on it, but I do find it unique and something beautiful. Well if no one is being hurt or exploited and or forced into anything then it’s beautiful. Think I was just thinking of people and their paths and their intersections in life and the new directions that present themselves now and then. Those paths we traverse which lead to all kinds of experiences. Ones where we reflect and wish to go back and maybe turn another direction or keep going forward. Will it be rewarding, detrimental or just be? I feel no matter what it is a history we all in our own way carve out, sliding into the grooves effortlessly and at other times feeling a little bruised and battered along a bumpy road.  Sore egos and asses alike.

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