Day 126, Moonlight

Day 126a.jpg

Didn’t sleep so well in the night, wasn’t sure why I couldn’t relax. So, I crawled out of bed after tossing and turning for some time. Sat down and started my computer and just began sketching, I looked out the window and the night sky was aglow with a full moon. Ah it all makes sense now, and I smiled to myself. I’ve always had tons of energy on full moon nights, I use to think I knew why but I realize I do not. So why not just enjoy whatever it is that is happening without having to define and dissect the moments. While sitting I eventually started sketching mind free, and this little doodle and poem formed.

 I always like sitting outside under the moonlight and I never had a complete fear of the darkness as a child and now as an adult. I like the darkness, I like the unknown, I like the things that can never be easily defined the things that will never fit in to nice neat little boxes. Stackable and categorically recorded and relinquished to their determined place in everything. That’s also why the subject is young, that beautiful naivety and innocence that if we are carful we never loose. I like to think I still have some of it somewhere within because there is still so much, I’m in awe of in this world.  Truthfully, it’s those magical moments of untainted wonder that fuel the desire to survive and experience more. Ok maybe I should try to take a nap, so I don’t totally kill my bodies rhythms, or maybe fall down a mad hatters hole of logic and reason.

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