Day 125, Inflamed



Seductive tendrils

Radiating hungrily

Entanglements fire.



Over the weekend I relaxed playing some Day 125World of Warcraft and watching movies etc. I really like the comic character Poison Ivy so I suggested we watch a Batman film. I revisited my ballerina night elf character and did some splicing with another and my hybrid baby was born combining a Night elf from my gaming and Poison Ivy.  Just for fun I should mention that maybe This is how I felt while in my greenhouse last summer, hoping to cultivate life growing a lush garden in which to frolic and find joy.  I think I wouldn’t mind dying my afro a reddish color, but my hair is so dark I think Id kill it in the process. I don’t know I think my whole life I’ve always loved the scent of plants and flowers, I literally feel as though you can smell life, you sense the energy, and you want nothing more than to be a part of that blooming process.

We all know and understand blooming in one way or another, when we come into our own, who we are. When we find elusive love and openness with another and we allow our vulnerabilities to open and be explored by another. Everyday were sending out our spores were pollinating our soil and cultivating energies we understand and some we never could. Just some of the seeds bouncing around in my mind as I sat to create something today.

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