Day 118, Mmorpg



We loved and conquered

Casting spells and wielding swords

Fantasy’s evolved.


Today I reminisced about one of my first times role playing in the world of Warcraft. It came about not because I was looking or even interested just playing exploring and grinding per the usual. Picking up quest and just having fun. I picked up one quest however that I couldn’t do alone at my level my female Draenei mage was strong but not that strong. So, I entered gen chat (general) to ask for help and a human warrior said sure he’d run me through some DG’s (dungeons) for my quest if we did it in RP mode. So, I thought ok I’m new at it but can enjoy aspects of it sometimes. He ran me through some dungeons I finished the quest and was happy and now came the role playing. He immediately fell into character and I followed suit chatting as though I were there, as though I were my Draenei talking to a human warrior in Azeroth. The innocent parts were fun and then he whipped out his double seated mount and said (My lady would you entertain me on a small journey to a beautiful place I wish to show you?) I said sure, and with that we were on our way to a remote little hut in Pandaria someplace. He landed and escorted me off the ride inside the hut where he proceeded to make tea and the cabin cozy for guest. He described how it was in his family’s possession and he could escape here to be away from it all.

Then the warriors rough calloused sweaty hand landed on my Draenei’s long silky blue leg, as he explained in impressive details. Lol I giggled to myself feeling warm and fuzzy trying to imagine and go along with this all but also kind of feeling silly, immediately thinking omg of course it must go to sexy town.  Do I judge or speak ill of those that enjoy a good sexy chat nope, in fact I do also. Not to mention its safe sex, I guess for me though I’ve never thought much of it in-game. That always left me thinking and feeling nothing. Long story short minus the sorted details, maybe save those for a later date. I indulged this new direction, he had his fun, so he stated, and we parted ways ending this little trist in-game. I pretty much never did it again because like I said I get nothing from it doesn’t do it for me, only frustrates me in real life. So, what’s the point.  Today I guess I was thinking of that moment and how a Dranei female and a human warrior made happy fun time together, sex. I think this little doodle came from it the offspring, from that night of magic under Azeroths starry night in a little cabin on the shores of Pandaria. Happy Friday and weekend!

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