Day 115, Layered Lies


~Layered Lies~

An impression starts

Systematic layering

Someday soon revealed.



We live in these worlds of layering, dancing in and out of truth and lies and all in between. Today I have a bit of a creative block and lack of anything and everything.  I picked up my water colors and thought I just don’t care nothing matters blah blah its all futile its all pointless. I choose not to allow my mind to continue down that path as it does daily, I choose instead to take a brisk walk out in the snowy dunes surrounding the house and feel the life around me even frozen in its state. Picked up some nourishment on the way back to the house sat at my desk and grabbed my pad and decided something digital maybe. Untitled8_004Then just allowed the mind to be free, listening to music, and start scribbling after all I must teach myself to become comfortable with my digital arts as well so why not practice some more. I must admit though I’m still a canvas person and getting your hands dirty in the oils and pigments. The scent the feel the atmosphere of just you and them. I still feel disconnected from my digital attempts, but I am enjoying the learning process. Now if I could get away from millions of layers, I’ll evolve some more, I think. Just kidding not millions but it can give that impression when scrolling through and adjusting things. I see why so many love it though the ease and quickness you can play and adjust and manipulate your subjects is rather nice. You can erase and manipulate what you will when you desire.

But something still sticks with me layers, upon layers and even more layers. I did what I do best and thought of human layers, our histories, politics, emotions, lives, beliefs, surfaces, clothing and so much more. Rabbit hole alert so I stop and say this character evolved from my scribbling and I kind of liked his quirky layers. I then was inspired to include a little white lies of life haiku, which sums up what I felt while sketching. I think part of me wanted to title this work “Smoke and a Bun” Maybe I still should the haiku is separate lol.


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