Day 132, Lustful Languishing

~Lustful Languishing~

Every time I see you my heart burst aflame
Ironic as it is you don’t even know my name

Giving you all I have without any movement made
Consummate lusting stalker hiding in the shade

Insane thoughts aflutter as my mind spins out of control
Every passionate plea to you surely, I must extol

Hungering for your flesh, and your words to kiss my ears
This longing desire for you has brewed for many years

Our friendship has sufficed though not completely so
Words, emotions never expressed I wish for you to know

Someday you’ll hear me, someday you’ll be within reach
Only then will you listen and hear all I will beseech.

On that day the gates will burst overwhelmingly
Once the tides have receded, I hope you shall find me

I have waited for so long under these sands of regret
I shall slumber no more, I feel its time that we met

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