Day 111, Yamiyo

Day 111.jpg


Unseen covering

Heavy, disturbingly thick

Sheltered and smothered.




Today was inspired by this window in the house we live currently. The chill factor is how do you say at 100 lol. This is a shot from inside, in one of the small rooms in the house where heat does not reach. Day 111-2.jpgI immediately basked in the chill for a moment and heard the silence and felt the isolation and sketched Yamiyo. For more perspective the floors of the house are no thicker than 2 inches. Directly under that is a gap and then the ground. The wind seeps in through all the cracks in the floor, it is impossible to keep the entire house warm without major renovations. It is still charming however and the people that have the chance to visit this little isolated location are always so happy. So that indeed warms the heart. We manage to keep the main living room warmed with a fireplace and maybe my or his computer room but that’s due to all the machines running. I’m sitting now at my desk with a comforter wrapped around my legs and a trick one of my colleagues from a previous job showed me. she always had a mini heater under her desk to the side so as it warmed it would fill the whole bottom half of her body with heat and rise upwards. I always joked I would never do this and now I’m doing the same thing ahhh life.

It can be rather daunting to keep your positive mindset also when traipsing back and forth from the main house to a mini modern cabin like house. Where the actual kitchen and bathroom and laundry room are. This other photo is what I had to deal with today while smiling. Carrying a basket of freshly dried clothing. Day 111-3.jpgThat wonderful smell and feel of heat rising from the clothing as you pull them from the dryer is rather lost when you’re walking trudging through knee length snow, back and forth. Yet the beautiful snow keeps falling and I’m loving it, and the wind still howls with strength and I gladly hear and feel it’s bite, and we continue to shovel in vain.

This path you see now is after my partner had shoved the way clearing all the snow and literally less than 2 hours later its vanished. I just threw on some boots and had to make a new path. Yesterday I think the path was shoveled 5 times, very tiring. Also futile after a point, and you stop.