Day 108, FrostFire

Day 108.jpg


Thermal bandaged form

Captivating confusion

Ice and fire joined.



Friday Friday… lol every time I say Friday in succession, I hear that song from Rebecca Black and that monotone Friiiiiday melody.  If you haven’t heard of it, please YouTube it and share my joy.  Last night was a pretty heavy downfall of snow and wind last night. Woke up today to this beautiful winter wonderland of chilling numbness, Day 108-2.jpg

the kind where you think omg, I don’t want to pull the blankets off yet. The cocoon of body heat and comforters is still to comfy.  You do though and as your feet touch the wooden floor panels a sharp icy chill runs up your legs to your core.  The day has begun, don’t turn around don’t lay back down, “GET UP” you yell to yourself internally.  I managed that and opened the front door to the snowy paradise, and I must admit it does help the sun is shining more and the snow helps reflect light everywhere. The crisp air is chilling but so refreshing, as it shocks you even more awake. I can understand why I enjoyed ice bathing and why so many still do to this day. It is a jolt to your body and system and does strengthen your defenses in a way.

Later, when I sat down to sketch, I couldn’t think of anything except cold and heat. Somewhere along the way I also must have reminisced about some comics and a favorite film from the past “The Fifth Element” at least for this Science fiction buff I still like it to this day. Not to mention I’ve always had a girl crush on Milla Jovovich, any film she’s in I’ll give it a go. I’m one of those fans if I like an actor, I’ll support their career no matter what.  Omg am I setting up a filmathon weekend of Milla Jovovich films lol. Anyhow this was my mindset for today’s doodle. Here we might be snowed in over the weekend but, I’m healthy my family is ok, and my partner is ok. So, I can’t ask for more. Hope to spread some joy or warmth to someone. Maybe tomorrow the snow has settled, and we could build a family of snowmen mwah ha haaa. Ok that’s my weekend message has fun and enjoy yourself and embrace your inner child. Now time to appreciate the art of the wind and snow.Day 108-3.jpg

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