Day 105, Poise

Day 105.jpg


Universal grace.

Conquering without one word.

Radiantly free.



Today I reminisced a little about the paths we take and the futures we try to sculpt. I remembered at one point when I was finding my voice, I used to draw a lot of fashion, dresses I dreamed of or imagined etc. I’m not sure where that path went but today, I was cutting up some paper and decided on some longer thin panels. I started to play with fashion again, I mean I’ll be the first to say I don’t think I have any. I just wear what I like and hope its flattering. I was inspired by a new follower on my social and they have some stunning images of gorgeous people. Some just pull of effortlessly what I wish I could lol. The African prints and styles of some of these dresses and fabric are so beautiful, bold, bright and inspiring.  Unfortunately, I think I need a bigger scanner for the future lol. I do like making larger pieces and if I can scan them perfectly making digitals win, win in my book.  Had to scan this piece in sections and join later in Photoshop. Still fun though must keep up on those skills as well.