Day 100, Focused

Day 100.jpg


Focused on the goal

Gliding upon outstretched wings

Time to dive and thrive.


Today just a little piece inspired by a gaming buddy that needed a dragon eye. I always jump at the chance to sketch paint and create eyes so figured why not. It made today rather easy as well looking for inspiration. It just popped up via a message from a friend. Tired but happy with how it turned out hope he likes it as well. Also, whoohoo day 100 kind of fitting in a way that it’s an eye for today’s piece. I’m sticking with this discipline inducing practice of creating. Feels positive all around as well. On days where my depression or mood swings would get the best of me and I indulged them by remaining under the blankets or crawling back into bed at odd times. Now I feel my desk calling, my materials begging to be used to create something anything “JUST CREATE”.  I like this new mantra for myself and focus it seems to have given me. People always say were hardest on ourselves, and its so true. For now, though I’m embracing myself all my crazy quirkiness, and listening to myself and learning by finally releasing things in some of the few ways I know how. Also, heck I’m feeling good I finally listened to my marine fiancé, who just might know a thing or two about discipline. Day 100 😊 darn should have had two eyes and tried to incorporate the 100 in the drawing, C’est la vie!

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