Day 98, Quill

Day 98.jpg


Fleshing out our words

Dancing upon emotions

Expunged and explored.



Today I’m inspired by the online communities we have access to today. I’m inspired by all that share their words their stories and their lives. This is one of the most profound benefits of the internet and connectivity. Light is shed where before it was speculated. Now we can learn from and teach each other. Today I was thinking of the writing community, and everything it entails, and my doodle took form from the nib of the quill I just let it float, glide, spill, and move where it wanted. Maybe I’m a bit weird but I love hearing the auditory sounds as the nib of an inked quill scratches the surface of fresh crisp parchment paper. I think of the lines I’m laying down as potentially more than ink or paint they are something deeper for myself or someone else. We give life and form to something now, as so many have before us. Because of this we the human species have records of the past the present and possibilities of the future. It’s so beautiful, even in a world where there is also a great deal that perverts the art of recording history, facts, and rules of society for selfish means. We still have it were still learning were still changing and developing and its just nice to be aware and open to all it involves. So maybe it’s not weird at all, but if so, I love it and for the others like myself out there I scream, I write, I paint, “You get it”.