Day 97, The Elf

Day 97.jpg

~The Elf~

Exploring your eyes

Immersed within their beauty

And all that’s hidden.



Just a day for fantasy, did my catching up on the news around the world and that’s always fun. But the cure was to create a guy I saw in my dream last night. Maybe it’s because in my fun times I game and tend to like fantasy and exploratory gaming. Huge worlds multitudes of races and abilities etc. I think one race or class I always like are elves or maybe druid like beings, anything mythical and magical I’m drawn to. One with nature and all maybe, I think.  If it’s not that type of game, then I like incendiary and explosive lol.  It’s gaming go nuts I say. Most of the time I can try and program my dream thinking of something and if not, then I just fall into whatever crazy world rem sleep provides. But in the morning, it’s always fun waking up and realizing something wasn’t real, the smell of grass the sounds, beings etc. If I’m lucky I remember all the details and can create something with them. Deathly pale and then the darkest eyes 😊 Ok tmi I will program him into tonight’s dream as well.