Day 96, Movement


Day 96-3.jpg


Distorted control

Structured strength, balanced chaos

We dance, we move, we


Today’s goal of cleaning my work space up completed, as it was getting smaller and smaller as the tornadoes in my mind manifested on my work station.  Here are two photos before and after.

My actual place to work was shrinking daily. I think I work sometimes as though I have many appendages like an octopus for example. Quick doodle to illustrate that lol. day 96-4Ugh today is ok not as great as some other days but I devoted time to organizing and then just did a quick rough study of a dancer in transition. I kind of like the fact that while I was sketching the color emanates from the dance, the dancer, the words you write, the music you make, while the rest is and feels like noise. For a moment your lost within the colors, the motion, the feeling. And everything around you does truly feel like static when the connection is made.