Day 94, Fire

Day 94.jpg


Fires breath within

Reanimated and refreshed

Scents of life’s beauty



It was a nice weekend just relaxing and trying to figure out things. A little heavy at times due to the dark winter compounded with depression, anxiety and the much more. So, it was time to break out the winter light and it did help a little. That’s the image I shared where you see it right on my desk, so it could glow right in my face. It’s not the sun but it helps for now.  I’m still feeling happy and inspired so that fire is still smoldering, raging or whatever. I liked that this weekend also I decided not to post anything in the weekends. A way to limit myself and maybe focus my attention elsewhere. Ugh after all those other life things must happen now and then, like laundry, chores, washing, some reading etc.

This piece today was from my previous night, a couple nights ago where I woke and just got out of bed way to early because these images popped up in my mind and haunted me until I got up to sketch them in my little sketch book to remember them for later. Not sure where I wanted it toDay 94-2.jpg go but after seeing it, I thought of this Haiku focusing on energy. Energy the resource I feel I have so little of in the dark winter. Its on its way to getting a little lighter each day but no matter what its still so heavy. An insane weight holding you down and crushing you from within. And yet I’m smiling like a crazy woman with my face plastered to my winter lamp lol. Hey, it helps and like a phrase used so comically in 2018 (Don’t you judge me!) this is so much funnier when you hear it and see the body motions, ah well.