Day 93, ~Bountiful~


Day 93-5.jpg


Movement of the sea,

Catching hearts with ease and grace,

Bountiful siren.


Today I finally got to use my Art case I bought some time ago. Filled it with some goodies some water colors, brushes, acrylics and oils. I knew one day Id finally drag her out and create something with it some place. That day was today, a rainy grey heavy day…. Perfect! I created this little siren after daydreaming out the window. She was the first thing that I saw when looking at the sea. I had several sketches I started already from the previous day that were ready, but another day, I think. The previous day I woke around 3am because in my dream I saw several visual ideas. So of course, I had to forgo sleep as to not lose them. That was a bountiful night of dreams. I wish I had the strength to leave the bed more often when this happens, but I know from experience that a good sleep is better for your body and mind.