Day 91, Web

Day 91.jpg


Navigating life

Caught in its complexities

Uprooted, stronger.



Feeling a little sick today I think maybe just everything hitting at once, new year this daunting job search etc. Blah you can lose your way. Today my fingers and my mind and muscles are not connected and everything I drew felt lost. Felt disconnected from, I know strength will com in time but for now the icing on the proverbial cake has won. Yesterday we had a bit of a downpour in winter and by night the air and soil were drenched, then it snowed again. A good drenching and then icing tends to sap the energy from every fiber of your being if you are caught within its embrace.

This photo was from our trip to a beautiful Zoo, where they take in and care for some endangered species and care for them. I generally still don’t know how I feel about zoos. But in our world where species go extinct because of people killing them maybe they do have their place, in helping to keep the different species alive. And maybe helping people to become aware of the other beings inhabiting this planet we call home. This photo was of a large intricate netting system of unique rope bridges etc. We went through the whole thing rather proudly fully grown and able to still enjoy some fun such as this. I do recommend removing big bulky photo bags or backpacks lol. Anyhow as my partner started the journey, I saw before me life and all the loopholes, potholes and navigation we must endure to enjoy it.