Day 89, Expiring

Day 89.jpg


Another year gone,

Like all the others before,

Aspirations end.



Today I’m reflecting upon the past year, seems normal to do at the end of this timed construct we call a year. A lot has happened, and I’ve opened my world a little, something I’m never completely comfortable with but I have to say its been a year of learning and growing.  I’m looking forward to challenging myself some more now in 2019. It will also be a year of change guaranteed. Going through my sketchbook today I found a faded and aged, doodle I sketched quickly at some location someplace in the world. Not important now, I think. I kept him rough, raw and flawed he just seems better this way, the paper, discoloration, etc. Anyhow It seemed to fit for the end of 2018. It’s like saying goodbye to what you aspired to in that year and either rebooting those things again or setting some new goals. I started this blog almost a full year ago one the third of January, so almost 1 year down.  I’m excited to see what new opportunities I find and people I meet.

Today we’ll probably celebrate in a new tradition we have. Since we don’t live near a huge city fireworks displays are limited. That’s good though anyhow because if cities and citizens aren’t great at the cleanup you really can’t enjoy it fully. Because the day after you see all kinds of debris, while people sleep long into the new day. Anyhow I was saying we now we tend to invite a friend or two over, have a great meal, conversation and later enjoy some wine and then if were able to, go stand outside or drive to the nearest big city where we can enjoy the view together. Bringing in the new year with friends. But currently living so far away that one of our new things to do is pop open the wine and if there’s nothing to see outside. Hop on YouTube and check out all the huge cities of the world and enjoy the different celebrations, lol introverted paradise. But wishing all my fellow creative minds and individuals out in the world a beautiful new year, with all of life’s complexities and the strength to create beyond it.