Day 87, Fracturing

Day 87-3.jpg


Infinite fractures,

We balance along the edge,

Our outcomes unknown,


Day 87Day 87-2

At times it can be rather hard to see the beauty and the solid foundations of our societies, as we observe so many disturbing fractures taking place right before our digital eyes. Just one of those random thought patterns I fell into while observing a glass of a boutique in town. Its newly placed glass panel had either been broken while installing, children playing, intentional, or accidental, I’m not sure. I took a photo of it and then fell into a trance thinking of policies, politics, public forums where people spout vitriolic and vile remarks about anyone and everything. Little splinters stabbing, piercing into the form, trying to shatter them for some sort of out come where they wish to claim fame for some small part of their roll in it.

It’s at moments like these I cherish people out there in the world with empathy and a societal intelligence that allows them to navigate this world in a positive, empathetic, and open, understanding way. I like to think of myself as one of these individuals as well, I hope. You want to spread a love and energy to others giving them the feeling that it is not a total and utter doomsday scenario. That in their lives the battles they fight may take some immensely heavy tolls but keep trying and keep letting their radiance shine. Yeah, I sat staring at that glass for a hot min, just falling into a splintered realm of thought trying to make sense of people and our places in this universe, and if we have one at all.