Day 80, Infinity Moon

Day 80.jpg

~Infinity Moon~

Shadows fall quiet

Full moon shining in repose

Energies aligned



Today the full moon is lighting the sky and lighting my heart, mind, and my fantasy. I always love these nights, I’m always the most restless in these times as well. I’ve recently started one of my other hobbies again. One I had quit for a period because of my addictive personality while I’m depressed. I hit those moments long ago and my gaming became a place of freedom from ills. I could be and do whatever I liked, fly on dragon back, cast spells galore and hell the immortality wasn’t and isn’t so bad. Today I was inspired by one of my favorite races in a game called World of Warcraft (WoW) Night Elves. This is the game I walked away from, but I think that was more rage because of practices of gaming today. This pay for the service, but we will and can change it and alter and destroy things whenever we see the need attitude. It takes something away from the gamer in a sense. Maybe it gives us something we come to like better, but it still removes something, takes something. This is something I’m not used to because I’ve gamed my whole life.


In Norway we say (Født med ski på beina!) This just means born with ski’s connected to your legs, in a sense because in the north where I first lived, I was told this is because we love going on long ski tours, downhill, cross country etc, and so many are natural at it, but not all. I admit I loved it as well, although my first time I was like Bambi as friends called me. I would fall so often my body going one way my legs every other way. Anyhow my point was I think I was (Født med spillkontrolleren I handen) Born with a game controller in hand. I’ve played my whole life from computer to several consoles and games from action adventure to roleplaying, fps First person shooters etc. It’s my hobby, at any rate I love night elves in WoW, but I’ve always hated that one natural hairstyle is always missing from most games and that’s mine a big curly or kinky afro so hell I made my own. A night elf with my hair and similar complexion. I’ve been longing for WoW’s development team to implement this for a while now. Can you picture it a Tauren warrior, or Goblin warlock, rocking a big beautiful fro. Just two of many amazing possibilities other gamers who play will be able to visualize.


This is was one of the reasons I had quit the game thinking ok, only support games where character customization I can make a multitude of characteristics. Ok also once I hit level 116, I had a rage moment because in game you have legendary items and some other unique class specific weapons that were implemented. Well let’s just say after the new expansion those qualities I loved and was happy I finally acquired, all got nerfed. So, their useless now in making room for new gear etc. I’m a old school gamer, and when modern gaming does things like this I love breaking out my old game saves from systems of old, where my tried and true games and accomplishments are still intact and untouched unmodified and ready to be appreciated along with the memories and time involved in attaining them. OMG, I think I’m a bit of a digital hoarder lol. For other gamers out there let’s just say my bank vaults and bags are always filled with things I think I’ll need or enjoy later.


Anyway, today’s creation is also dancing because when there’s a full moon shining in the sky I can’t help wanting to dance and flow and move with wild abandon. The haiku is encapsulating the mood perfectly setting the stage and ingredients needed for this dance. So, my night elf alter ego is doing the same, looking to the sky and letting her body fly her mind to the moon and beyond, infinitely in time with the music of the universe. Also, it doesn’t hurt that there’s no one saying she can’t dance ballet because she’s to tall.