Day 79, Embrace

Day 79


Embracing lovers

Frozen warmth now intertwined

Forever searching


Day 79-2.jpg

I’ve said often I’m not the easiest person and I know this because hell I can’t even stand my own mind, I constantly doubt myself my intentions my desires my everything. Maybe some of my kindred beings out there know this feeling all to well. I can say with certain probability that this is true.  Anyhow todays post is one thinking of that human connection again. I feel it’s my kryptonite in a sense I keep longing to know what the hell the deep feelings are, but I also know that many humans are just unable to feel this. Be it chemical, physical, or psychological for any number of reasons. In the photo above, I wanted to try and emote a love feeling and instead I see only distance, disconnection and disassociation. I’ve always went through the moves learned behaviors from childhood etc. What is appropriate and what is not, assessing everything in between to be a better version of myself for myself and for others.

Kudos to my partner I think it takes a lot to help me realize my creative ideas now and then. I know if I lived closer to the city or at least when I do, I’ll have a couple friends that I can do some crazy projects with that have been brewing in my mind for years. Anyhow with this project I wanted to play with light and shadows, human darkness and light, form and lines, an emotion, a moment. And the beautiful feather is a quill I made because if your going to write some letters you must do that as well in style. This Photo I think I also took on the same day. After trying to inspire my partner with my vision. I had some cheap candelabras from a Halloween party, and broke out my new ink and waxes and parchments. I think I wrote 13 letters in total in calligraphic styling. It was meditative, however in return I got a couple 1 lined emails, a phone call or two etc. You can imagine my disappointment at not receiving some letters I could cut open and enjoy reading while feeling the texture of the paper beneath my fingers. Maybe later I’ll find a pen pal who wishes to write old-school as it were and keep alive that art as well.


That day I woke,Day 79-3.jpg

feeling pearls,


 gritty parchment paper,

 smell of burned and dripping

blood red wax,

pressed firmly into place,

contents concealed

from wandering eyes.