Day 77, Krampus

Day 77.jpg


Enjoying candy

Patient, eager and waiting

Soon is the reaping.


Haven’t thought so much about today at all. Just became inspired by my sister posting an illustration of Krampus ,and I have to admit I’ve always thought it was a quirky anthropomorphic creature I’ve always found interesting along with centaurs, mermaids , satyrs and sirens. I thought I’d sketch up a Krampus waiting before he embarks on his reaping and teaching of all “bad” individuals out there. I will eventually try t make it to Austria or another location to observe a Krampus parade. Some of the creativity of the costumes is to be admired up close and in person, I think. Also, I love me some mean looking Krampus but for now mine is just sitting cute while waiting to turn on the grimacing look. He’s just sitting and pondering how much his take for the coming nights will be.