Day 75, Soaring

Day 75-4


Aloof on a shelf

Perched above with whims below.

Release and Reveal.



Todays poem and sketch is inspired by my recent work. I had to take on a task rather quickly for another exhibit. Of course, I said yes, I tend to do that lol. Also, I must think that they love the work, so it makes me feel good they wanted another. And why not end on a bang and another accomplishment I can use in my portfolio. My next project jumps ahead from my stone age man to a priest, wearing a Ruff .

Day 75.jpgDay 75-3


Since it was short time, I decided to make one myself and why not another challenge so I’m up for it. It was rather meditative, folding, sewing and just forming the ruff. It was also nice because besides knowing about them it gave me a chance to research again and learn even more. I also learned that even today in the Faroe Islands and in some parts of Denmark they are still used by clergy. Not to mention in some fashionable events as well. Even though there not very practical as discovered before our times, when it came time to eat and such, they are rather a pleasing yet odd addition to human fashion and history. My inspiration for today. I’ll include some photos of my work with him He’ll make his grand debut in 2019 Around June, I think. But for now, my work and my part are complete.

Day 75-2
Once he’s completely finished he should have a quill in hand and then he can concentrate on his work.