Day 74, Naked

Day 74 - Copy.jpg

We are all vulnerable in a sense, exposing ourselves for the world, for fame, for a cause, for a family, for art, for humanity so many reasons. All of which leave us a bit vulnerable. I learned long ago we take care of that which is vulnerable. We don’t exploit it and corrupt it and destroy it. We stand up and do what we can and rise to a protector roll in those instances. The humanity of the human species is vulnerable now. The devastating effects of its demise should it cease to exist altogether, would cripple the species in insurmountable ways. We can’t forget the other species it has decimated already in its wake. The universe will grow and continue with and without us, while we ignore the signs and feed our greed, and vanity for temporary power, money, land, or what have you. All we do and are is temporary whether we realize it or not. We must strive to be better, I’m losing my job this week, (cutbacks) and shall enter the market to try and find a new one. I only have my energy and will to not give up continuing to fight and survive. Am I loosing hope now and then and falling into a slight despair? Yes but, if a stranger shows up at the door, I would muster the energy to feed them, cloth them and offer shelter to keep them warm. The human species is a family, maybe we have some distant messed up cousins but were all still trying to survive and live, educate and help where we can.