Day 73, Brant

Day 73.jpg


Slaying hearts and foes alike

Chiseled strength afoot.


Today’s doodle, sketch, and study is inspired by those crushes we never get over. Those crushes that have us all giddy and feeling like the world is one big ball of love and joy. Birds chirping, breezes tickling, sunshine everywhere, butterflies in the tummy, and hearts racing. For those who are painfully shy or awkward in social situations with crushes unrequited and engraved into our memories, as romantic tales of things that never were. My crushes inspire and satiate my emotions, becoming a muse of sorts. In 2018 I’m still sketching and inspired from past muse’s, so they really are engraved/chiseled into my mind or heart. Today I think my inner giddy teen took over my media and direction, melting my icy exterior a little, and I giggle.