Day 70, Multitasking Maven

Day 70

Arms encompassing,

holding all, tight within reach

hands slip now and then.



Day 70-2.jpg
Creativity helps a lot during long dark winter months, and music.


It was a good day today as I’m finishing up some projects before the new year. I have two new men in my life, well the museums life. One a new stone age man that will open a new exhibition in the coming year. As well as a new priest that will peek out from a small window while writing some important decrees for his parish. Anyhow was feeling a little good today as I see some of the things take form and come together with all the details. Like most museums we don’t have tons of money, so even when your wishing for an expensive silicone model to work with or fabricate you might have to make do with another option.Day 70-3.jpg So why not some cheaper dated mannequins. I knew I could do something with them I just need time and patience. And a powerful sander to strip them down Mwah ha haa (love a good maniacal laugh). I tend to doubt myself often, but I hope this is because I constantly challenge myself, and abilities, I’m not quite sure yet.

At any rate I wanted to share a silly little shot today and two others, almost finished so I’ll make some nicer photos when the time comes for them to really shine. But feeling good with the progress so far and can’t wait to hear how the public enjoys the new exhibits. After all that’s the best part in my opinion, watching tourist and classes and such experience and give feedback of the work and exhibitions. It’s funny because to this day I still don’t know what I should do with myself I’ve never had a specific direction, maybe its time to embrace the Artisan I’ve been and stop seeking and searching for something more. Kind of nice and never boring constantly doing something different and unique almost every other day.  Well at least for the next 6 days I don’t have to think about the next step for career yet. Maybe 2019 will be even more interesting.