Day 69, The Beacon is Broken

Day 69-2

The Beacon is Broken

Voice of the voiceless

Symbolic of life it self

Protect and nurture.


Day 69.jpg

(Women are constantly being talked over, looked over and not listened to. Thereby extinguishing one of the most relevant beacons of humanity.)

I scribbled this down one day while sitting at a cafĂ©. Humans are equal in many ways, yet to this day we still have income inequality, systems in place that stubbornly hold onto notions of male superiority and intellect. Those of us that are aware of this must whenever possible debunk that myth and help to elevate our fellow humans of all ethnicities and genders and FRACK just treat people well, and fairly. Balance I guess this is important to me being that my birth sign has the symbol of a perfectly balanced scale. I never think much about astrology, but I do find my whole life I have desired balance in everything and everyone. I’m so happy so many out there fight still this day for equality for all.