Day 68, Lights Out

Day 68.jpg

Fast, loud, and bright, lights

Shining, souls, and sounds, descend

World of heavy loads.



Partner is poking at me again, he knows my emotional rhythms so well now. Even when I fail to see them myself, because I’m either caught in the euphoria of creating or in the depth of a void, exhausted trying to make sense of it. This photo I made after having a wonderful day in London spending hours upon hours in the museums and a café or two.  I think I’m an easy date, not complicated at all, all I need is a sketch pad, camera and museums, cafes, nature, music, and I’m happy. This was the end of the day however when there were a couple train closings and delays and it seemed everyone and their distant cousins were all trying to get home at the same exact time. Lucky me, as I reinforced my resolve to be strong and braced for all the noise and huge crowds around. Listening to traffic screeching, and people yelling, anger, joy, sorrow everything all at once. It can be a lot and a bit too much at times hence my complete exhaustion in this photo I think I wanted to smile but I kept the first image because it was true to how I felt. Why fake a smile when you’re not feeling it, we can’t delete what we’re feeling inside as easily as we can delete random images we dislike? Letting the light dim occasionally and even burn out I think is a good thing, it shines so much brighter and effectively when charged.