Day 60, Malaise

Day 60.jpg


Eyes wide open, yet darkness closes in.

Whole of the self in stupor, unable to begin.

Constantly fatigued without a care to give.

No energy to breath, even less to live.

A solution must be found, something must be done.

Time carries on, and yet waits for none.

With a large fake smile stapled into place.

Eyes pried open, an inviting open face.

Yet something is quite odd and seemingly amiss.

Futility you battle, an adversary such as this.

Heavy times and heavy eyes, we do what we must.

The sun shall again shine, as depression fades to dust.




Today’s little piece was inspired by a chat I had with a friend yesterday. I described how sometimes its hard when you feel fine then suddenly your eyes are dry and heavy, and you can’t stay awake. You fall into a tunnel effect of darkness even with your eyes open. It’s your weekend but you sleep 10 plus hours unable to move or do anything. Anyhow we talked of the long months of dark winter, and its effect, and he inspired me by blurting out create a guy sitting in a room that just stapled his eyes open and his mouth into a smile. Because this is how my friend felt he had to behave at times, I as well. You must fight through it if you can. So, I immediately started to visualize this guy and had to take it there. I loved this drastic idea so a new piece for a new day is born. 😊