Day 59, KAPOW!

Day 59.jpg


Finding strength within

Onslaught of hate they survived

Untarnished they live.



All in my comic book mode, rereading old ones, remembering Stan Lee and his wonderful contributions to race relations and so many other societal issues. He gave voice and helped and continues to help so many posthumously looking for heroes in today’s world.  Loved his characters and stories, and I’ll miss seeing him popping into future films inspired by his enormous universe. Comic book geek till the end here, and no not ashamed as I sit in front of my glass cases with toys and action figures wrapped and never opened lol. You can’t play with them, that’s not allowed. Just look and if you’re seriously needing to you buy a second. This is one of my little quirks I’ll have my whole life, I think. I can spoil myself now and then with an action figure or comic book to add to my collection.  On another note I forget what show I was watching but I was a little upset because it was an episode where a couple wanted to buy a new home and as per the usual the in these episodes the girlfriend was like get rid of all those toys and grow up. UFF I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with that because I might just get rid of the person not the collectables. It’s part of who I am part of my childhood and memories not to mention later it can accrue allot of value in the future to other collectors.

Ok mini rant remembrance here lol, I’m not perfect by any way shape or form and I’m still kind of upset at an ex who just tossed a lot of my collectables out in huge garage sale after reneging on a deal to send them to my new home after we ended because he cheated. So yeah humans can suck, I stood by him while he went through depression and lack of work. We were together for 10 years he was my first love something I never experienced. During a down time towards the end of our relationship, we had recently moved back to his hometown because he thought it was a good idea. After a visit from his brother. We left some great jobs and a nice apartment, life, friends, and everything working out, to move north again. This was a state we moved to alone, no family friends or anything and we established ourselves. At any rate when we moved back, he had a hard time of it, I worked 2.5 jobs doing what you should do, supporting each other in their time of need.

Then long story short he finally got a job, and wouldn’t you know it the second day slept with someone at work. Let’s just say I was so hurt I turned into a Borg like Seven of Nine from Star Trek Voyager, lol (had to go all star trek on ya). I went into no emotions only logic and defense and planning mode and we ended. I said he’s a typical human flawed and weak to temptations and I wished him and whomever she was well. I stated rather dryly and without emotion that we have two cars I’m taking mine and you take the other. I’ll move back down south and take my job again and you have a happy life. End of story because trust and the desire to be near a person who exposes you to other illness without thinking is not acceptable. He got to keep the home we shared, and he agreed since everything wouldn’t fit in my car, he owed it to me to send a couple trunks down to me.  Maybe he felt bad finally I’m not sure. However, he never did send the trunks, I couldn’t reach him, and he wouldn’t return calls etc. Those trunks contained collectables comic books, action figures, family photos, clothing and a couple things that meant a great deal to me. After this episode however, I was damaged I learned never to trust another person again. I’ve learned to trust a little now but it’s still rather sore. This is hard because I understand and can declare emphatically that if I had to lose things all over again I would. I think what hurts most is that you had someone you joined with and loved for 10 years and this is how it ended. Of course, with hindsight you can say I’m happy it was only 10 years but darn if it still doesn’t crush the little geeky girl inside me. Another good lesson is to next time take the bigger car and leave nothing that means something to you behind.

Ok well that came out of left field all because I decided to draw a comic character today. Side note I like the funky things that come out of my head but why are they always a little erotic I find his pose kind of suspect either it takes a great deal of energy to conjure the beam of energy or it’s also orgasmic at the same time. On this note have a wonderful weekend on this 1st of December 2019 is right around the corner now. Almost a year of sticking with this my blog, feels good and like my partner says I’m finally learning a little discipline.