Day 57, Cosmic

Day 57.jpg

Drifting the expanse

Fracturing all directions

Infinitely free.



Mind still throbbing still feeling broken and I not able presently to find relief. Is it around the corner, a calmer mind and do I want this? Would I, could I grow, within that world, and what does that growth entail? A calmer disposition is around the corner, but when you’re caught in the moment however this is not easily accepted or believed. Drifting a bit in and out of consciousness, drifting in and out of responsibility for the self and those closest to you. Taking the hand of one that would lead you astray to the far reaches of the unknown. That desire at least in some part for this person stems from the illusion of control and understanding and wanting to give it all up If I even have it. To find a place of quiet endlessness of knowledge and the ability to see what is to become come to past. I shouldn’t think when my mind is shattered under stress from a migraine, or is it screaming out? Have I done something wrong, or maybe a chemical I worked with at work seeped into my flesh permeating the layers of skin, fat, fluids, all the way to the cellular level. Drifting through me penetrating my cells on their journey around the world of the human body. Reaching my mind, my heart, my organs and causing my body to warn me with a migraine. Hmm so nice to allow yourself to visualize your body the air the planet and the universe and beyond. There is a calm in doing so, attempting to allow yourself to dissipate into the unknown. Just be, breath, feel, listen, just…