Day 55, Calling

Day 55.jpg


Encompassing depth

Embracing me completely

Love, fear, respect her.



I had to do a lot of things I’m not used to today, for work they have decided to have a annual gingerbread house exhibit. I was asked short notice if I wouldn’t mind making some landmark houses out near us. As per the usual I say yes, I do love to help so why not, and you can’t complain it’s a workday at home playing with gingerbread trying to make something remotely looking like some buildings. I can’t say I’m pleased with the outcome, but I gave it a go. (Cant love everything) I can however say I taught myself 2 new things I did not know before, one how to make caramel and the second how to make breakable glass candy. I so love the second I can have fun with that next Halloween in a party or something. At any rate my mind wasn’t really on the task t hand today. I was drifting I was dreaming about the sea and thinking about what my fiancé says our plan is for some years from now. That plan is to obtain our dream boat and sail around the world. Nothing but you, and the sea and the elements. I have to say I never thought of this. I always placed my backup plan as maybe finding love and then just building a home with my wealthy counterpart and adopting a bunch of children. Or I was just going to allow myself to go mad with my art and die early. I know dramatic life and exit that’s always been my mental state. Cool calm and collected or a complete mess. A challenging dance I still must master every day with whatever tools I have in my mental arsenal. Don’t get me wrong though I think if I could wave a magic wand, I would not change who I am because I like the person I am. Someone who could give to proverbial shits about a gingerbread house celebration. But one that does like to see people smile and I do love spreading light as someone once told me. My darkness is my life blood but I, dang it if making others happy doesn’t make my little icy heart melt more and more. Anyhow falling off track My doodle is just inspired by the sea and thinking of seamen and salty air and just gazing out upon the vast ocean wanting to explore all its depth, directions and distance.


Lol I gave it a go, now well leave it up to lighting effects and distance 😀