Day 54, Trippy

Day 54.jpg


Momentary flash

Distorted reality

Don’t lick the frogs please.



Today’s little critter is inspired by a guy I knew in school who used to brag about licking frogs for the ultimate trip, voyage what have you. It was some special type where the secretions can cause a hallucinogenic effect depending on the toad and the amount of toxins released when it is frightened. I believed it’s called bufotoxin.  There’s a plethora of great info out there stating why people should not do this. I have never done this, as I am one of the people that still thinks how the heck do some people see something very odd and think, oooo how does it taste? LOL not me I’m not that adventurous I think when it comes to tasting random things. Anyhow todays short and sweet doodle is inspired by beautiful colorful frogs and a crazy friend from the past that liked to brag about licking them.