Day 51, United

Day 51.jpg


Loving and fighting

Wars, peace, abundance and strife

Warriors as one.



I let my fantasy take over today Just let things do whatever they wanted to, and I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I like these two. Not sure what it is but I guess I have a style, something I developed for my oil paintings but something that has just popped up randomly for me in my sketching. And these new doodles I’ve been challenging myself to create each day, thanks to my partner. I didn’t even notice I had a style until other artists around the world mentioned they liked my style. Lol I had to laugh at myself because as per the usual it seems I didn’t think I had one I kept true to form in being harder on myself than others are. But I do love their faces and that look, it’s a look I have often not really smiling unless forced, more so my resting face is forlorn, distant, serene, and inquisitive. Well it’s been described on many occasions as this. These are some of the top descriptive terms I can remember. I think most of my pieces share this face. I don’t know, I love my secondary character as well it started, I think going female, but I then decided to leave them ambiguous as I find their expression beautiful no matter what. I started with some legs but then I just killed that and went for a mythical type creature. At any rate they are united together to face whatever the world would have them fight next.

Wish a wonderful weekend to all, I hope you are safe and able to take care of yourselves adapting and persevering.