Day 40, Mors Epler (Moms Apples)

Day 40.jpg

Energy renewed.

Nourishing the next life force.

Love and memories.



Home from work and today’s doodle is just a dream I always have, or at least it pops up time and again. It’s always some beautiful place, there’s so much energy all around mingling with all forms of life. Then of course my mind goes morbid as it often does. My fiancé just laughed at me saying boobs and bones. Possibly somethings I like I don’t know because I never find myself thinking of it. I just take parts of people I’ve seen or that have inspired me and Frankenstein something together in my doodles. In this one It’s maybe a little out of the norm but something I’ve been curious if it’s ever happened. Maybe a burial site that no one knew of etc, but I always see a huge lush tree that has been nourished by a past life. It in turn gives new life to so many other things, food, shelter, joy, breath, the list goes on. I guess I’m always seeing a beautiful cycle of sorts or trying to. Meh I’m tired and I know this dream will pop up again but at least for now I can say I finally put it on paper.