Day 39, Bipedcon

Day 39.jpg

Beyond light and dark

Stars and heavenly bodies

Evolution thrives.


Meh its Sunday My mind is gearing up for a new week of work and things to come. So, I don’t really allow myself to think so much on the weekend. In fact, I try to set a limit because sometimes I just like a void. I remember my favorite place in my old house that I built for myself when I needed to meditate and just breath and become lost free from form, space, sound everything. It was a room I made personally for me by me, painted completely black and only a black blanket a small black stool (swivel) and an intricate design of luminescent paint and constellations and stars. When I would sit in there, the different lighting from the paint and object gave a disorienting depth to the space. I also mounted an oscillating fan for a breeze of sorts to surround me. All these elements plus either white noise or some unique music were the perfect recipe for me to lose myself. No drugs no alcohol nothing but mind and freedom from almost everything. I miss my room, I will make another one day I’m sure and I would love to invite others to join in that process. I did try it once and I took a stab at talking my friends through the process of release and by the end they thought they had a cathartic experience. They felt great and I was happy I could share but also thought to myself ugh did I really have an effect did it truly help someone to release and just be in the now in their space melding with the empty yet full space around them. Ugh some of you know this feeling of constantly beating yourself up, even after some positive results. I’ll maybe learn one day but for now I miss my room.

See this was a freaking rabbit hole I fell into. All I wanted to say was that I wasn’t inspired, and I saw on my sisters insta feed she and her daughter went to Aliencon. So, I got the idea of thinking hmmm wonder what a bipedcon would look like and those who might attend it.