Day 38, The Barter

Day 38.jpg

-The Barter-

Over the shoulder, behind a dark curtain

You see a form a figure, of that your certain.

Mysterious seduction, gleaming your way.

Come hither to me wayward wanderer, I’ll hear what you have to say.

I shall be your ear, hearing all your soul would tell.

Bartering and cost to follow, this you know so well.

Empty your hearts desires and place them in my hand.

The rewards and ramifications will be splendid and oh so grand.

Now sit and look into my eyes, the windows of the soul.

I shall reveal to you your life, of which you should extol.

The time you have is ticking, filled with pain and bliss.

I can relieve this blight for you with the nectar from my kiss.

Now relax and ease your mind, closing your eyes just so.

This is the part where you sleep forever, for now I must go.

Your worries and sorrow where such a delectable treat.

The shadows call I’m glad we met, but now I must retreat.



Today Just sat down and dreamed up this character with a bit of a tale to tell. I don’t know it’s the weekend I’m short on words today Maybe, but sometimes that’s a good thing.